Valentino Jewellery Studio and Goldsmith Academy offers a series of training modules that are designed to provide a trainee with the necessary skills needed to manufacture any required Jewellery piece from any design that they might be presented with. The complete course consists of a series of modules over a period of three years that provide mainly hands-on practical training on all the skills that are needed in the manufacturing of fine Jewellery.  Prospective students may commence at any time with the course. 

Each module concludes with a practical and/or written examination separating one module from the other.  A certificate will be issued after successful completion of each module. 
Techniques used to manufacture projects (hairpins, bangles, bracelets, broaches, earrings and many types of rings among others) will increase in complexity during the training period.  Wax investment, casting as well as the setting of stones are also included.

Jewellery design plays an important part in the development of a complete goldsmith. Our lecturer is extremely dedicated to obtaining and maintaining the highest possible standard with developing each student’s Jewellery design portfolio and manufactured projects